Rules and Regulations for Using Public Transportation in Baltimore County

The Baltimore County Code of Regulations (COBAR) is maintained by the Law Office, with plans to eventually create a volume similar to the Maryland Code of Regulations. CountyRide provides specialized transportation services for general purpose travel to county residents who meet certain criteria. For an overview of the program, see the general information book. Traffic signs installed on public streets in Baltimore County must adhere to the policy standards described in the Manual of Procedures and Sign Installation. This includes signs installed by developers on new county streets intended for public use.

The county also has other regulations that are still in effect, but have not yet been revised for the COBAR project. The traffic light workshop maintains 250 marked intersections in a 600-square-mile area surrounding Baltimore City, but does not include it. Baltimore County now has a traffic calming program that can help residents concerned about traffic speed and road safety in their neighborhood. They also paint and mark roads with white and yellow paint on approximately 2,700 miles of Baltimore County highways. All information provided to CountyRide is used to schedule trips, obtain and account for funds, and help plan for the long term to meet the transportation needs of the citizens of Baltimore County. The Commission's jurisdiction extends to most intrastate motor vehicle passenger rental carriers, as well as to taxis in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Charles County, Cumberland, and Hagerstown. The Transportation Division enforces the laws and regulations of the Public Utilities Commission related to the safety, rates, and service of rental passenger transportation companies.

Once a request is received, county traffic engineers will review and analyze the speeds and volume of vehicles in these neighborhoods. The Office plans for anticipated transportation needs throughout the county and ensures the safe and efficient operation of the Baltimore County highway system. This includes providing guidance on traffic calming measures that can be taken to improve road safety in neighborhoods.

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