Special Services for Disabled Passengers on Public Transportation in Baltimore County

The Mobility Paratransit Program is a special service designed to meet the mobility needs of those with disabilities who cannot use fixed-route public transportation. It is provided by the MTA Department of Mobility and Yellow Van Service, Inc., a private company operating under a contractual agreement with the MTA. Omniride offers transportation from locations throughout Prince William County along the I-95 corridor and in the Manassas and Gainesville areas along the I-66 corridor to destinations in Washington, D. C.

MetroAccess is available throughout the WMATA service area in the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia, and Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties in Maryland. In addition to paratransit services, transportation systems in the area also make their fixed-route services as accessible as possible and offer discounted rates to people with disabilities. Calvert County Government Transportation Services provides transportation for the general public, as well as for older people and people with disabilities. Reach A Ride connects individuals with special transportation needs with transportation options in the National Capital Region. SmarTrip cards are accepted on Metrobus and all local transportation systems in the metropolitan area and on the MTA bus and light rail services in Baltimore.

The MTA operates the MARC commuter train between points in Maryland and West Virginia and Washington, DC, the commuter bus service between points in Maryland and Washington, DC, and the local bus and light rail service in Baltimore. The Regional Transportation Agency (RTA) is an organization made up of several jurisdictions that have come together to establish a more effective and efficient public transportation and paratransit system throughout central Maryland. Prince Frederick also offers a system of fixed diverted routes Monday through Saturday to connect residents to major stores, medical centers, jobs, as well as to public services available in Prince Frederick. For those needing long-distance transportation, sitting in a car for six hours is one thing, but sitting in a wheelchair is another. The Department of Transportation (DOT), the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), and the Virginia Department of Railroad and Public Transportation (DRPT) all provide services for disabled passengers.

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